Why Hire A Live In Chef For Christmas Catering

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It’s only 6 weeks until (whispers) Christmas. And if you want Christmas 2020 to go with a bang rather than fizzle into obscurity, why not hire a live in chef to help you with your Christmas catering? 

Why hire a live-in chef for Christmas catering?

With much of 2020 wiped out from COVID, why not end the year on a high, rather than a low, and bring in outside help to alleviate the pressure a little bit? Because if there’s ever a time of year renowned for causing undue stress, it’s the festive season. 

Hiring a live-in chef to take on the pressure of cooking Christmas dinner, will free you up to spend more time with your loved ones, and right now, that’s what is needed. They want you to be your most relaxed, effervescent self, they don’t want you struggling in the kitchen. 

Fun fact – 70% of us Brits will spend over 5 hours slogging away in the kitchen making sure our Christmas dinner is the best meal we have all year. Why not buck the trend and put the time to better use laughing and loving your family and friends? 

Let this Christmas be the one where you put your feet up and allow someone else to take care of the catering. And with the year we’ve had, now is the time to indulge yourself, your family and friends and hire a live-in chef to prepare and cook the most fantastic Christmas roast dinner any of you can remember. 

Benefits of hiring a live-in chef at Christmas

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed at this time of year, what with present shopping, virtual party hosting, cleaning and decorating your house to make it as festive as possible. For a lot of people, the thought of then hiding away in a hot, steamy kitchen is a step too far. 

But when you hire a private chef to cover the catering for you, the Christmas stress lifts considerably. 

Just think of the added perks of having someone else in the kitchen…

1. More time with loved ones

The best thing about Christmas is being able to spend precious time with loved ones. But when you’re responsible for knocking up a knockout feast, cooking for the masses can eat into your quality family time. 

When you hire a chef for the ultimate dinner party, they’ll prepare your Christmas dinner for you, leaving you to enjoy maximum family time, with minimal catering duties. And when was the last time you let your hair down and allowed someone else to take up the cooking mantle?

No more worrying about crispy, fluffy centred roast potatoes, no more hourly basting of the turkey and no more trying to get the Christmas pudding to light. 

2. Less stress all around

When you aren’t frantically wrapping presents in between attending carol concerts and hosting virtual mulled wine parties, you’re in the kitchen whizzing up yet more vol au vents and basting the turkey. Without a moment to yourself, it’s all too easy to get stressed at Christmas. 

But when you relegate Christmas catering to a live-in chef, you can relax, surrounded by your family and friends, making new festive traditions. And better yet, you get to actually enjoy your Christmas dinner, rather than worrying about cooking for large numbers, or factoring in dietary requirements, or accounting for the grandchildren’s latest eating fads.

In fact, when was the last time you sat down for a Christmas lunch and you weren’t exhausted having been in the kitchen since 5 am?

3. Enjoying a hot meal

When the onus is on you to produce a delicious Christmas dinner, it can not only be a fraught undertaking, making sure you smash it, but then sitting down to enjoy your Christmas lunch while it’s still hot? When did that last happen?

When you hand the reins to a Blues private chef, they’ll not only guarantee you a scrumptious Christmas lunch, they’ll also make sure you enjoy it hot. Now that is a treat. 

4. You can try something new

Have you ever been tempted to push the boat out and have an alternative Christmas dinner, but you’ve been worried it might go wrong and you’ll ruin Christmas? 

When you hire a live-in chef to prepare your festive lunch for you, you can give them any instructions you want, and sit back, safe in the knowledge that the end result will be outstanding.

5. Someone else does the washing up

Say ta-ta to the bane of every cook’s life – the washing up. Commercial chefs don’t know how good they have it with kitchen assistants helping them out, making sure they always have clean pots and pans and that the washing up isn’t left to pile up. 

When you hire a private chef to cook your Christmas lunch for you, you too can kiss goodbye to the washing up. No more dishes, no more clearing up, no more coercing small people to do the drying up. You can simply eat your meal and walk away from your own kitchen, knowing that the live-in chef you hire will have clean up duty covered. 

Blues Agency live-in Christmas chef

Let Blues Agency help you out this Christmas. We have a fabulous range of live-in Christmas chefs and Christmas cooks who are free and available to come and make your Christmas 2020 the end of year treat you deserve. 

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