What to look for in Chalet Staff

Chalet Staff

Working the winter season as chalet staff is one of the best jobs going. It doesn’t matter if you’re front of house meeting and greeting guests, responsible for the chalet being kept clean and tidy, or if you’re in the kitchen, preparing breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner. 

Spending your morning getting ready for the evening ahead and then skiing all afternoon (and on your day off) is a work/life balance that many dream of, but very few get to experience. 

Hiring chalet staff

It’s easy to see why working as chalet staff would appeal. But if you’re responsible for filling the chalet staff roles, what should you be looking for in your seasonal workers? Because you don’t just want good people, you want great chalet staff. 

Chalet staff can make or break a skiing holiday. They’re the face of your company, the people guests see every day, the ones guests interact with, and if your staff aren’t performing well and the chalet isn’t running smoothly, the guests are quickly going to notice, and more often than not, give negative feedback. 

So what can you do to ensure that you only recruit fantastic chalet staff for the entire season, and by doing so, lay the foundations for your guests to have a memorable holiday (for all the right reasons)?

Key qualities of chalet staff

1. Your chalet chef should have an inherent passion for food

If your chalet chefs are going to be in the kitchen 6 days a week for the entire winter season, they have to have an inherent passion for food. They are going to be feeding and watering your guests, and the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. 

So if you want to keep your guests happy, make sure they are given not just a hearty evening meal, but one prepared with care and attention, using the finest available and locally sourced ingredients. 

2. They should be friendly

Every member of chalet staff has to be warm and friendly by nature. They are going to be the face of your company, and sometimes they will even live in the chalets with the guests, and you don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable at any time. 

That doesn’t mean that chalet staff need to be over the top, in-your-face extroverts. In fact, it doesn’t matter if your chalet staff are introverts, as long as they are approachable, friendly and welcoming when it matters, that is what is important. 

And all chalet staff should know never to impose themselves on the guests – this is their holiday.

3. They need to be resilient

The last thing you want to do after hiring your chalet staff is to replace them because they can’t keep up with the hard graft. Chalet staff, if this is their first season, need to be made abundantly aware that this is not a free ski holiday. 

Working in a chalet is a demanding job, the reward for which is the opportunity to ski every day if they do all of their work first. It is a privilege, not a right. 

Being a great host week in and week out is a tough gig, doing the same thing day in and day out isn’t for everyone. Your chalet staff may not be feeling on top of their game as the season middles out, and that is when they need to dig deep and give guests the same gold star treatment as they gave the first guests. 

4. They have to be team players

When you hire chalet staff you aren’t hiring individuals to work as islands, they make up the in-resort team, and as such, they need to be team players. They will likely be living and working alongside other chalet members, and if someone needs help, they should be ready and willing to step up to the plate. This is crucial for the overall happiness and success of the team. 

Some chalet staff are always going to be better at certain jobs than others, so hiring an eclectic mix of talent will mean that there is someone who is naturally better at some aspects of hosting or cheffing than others, ensuring the best possible customer service experience for your guests. 

5. They need to be prepared to go the extra mile

Hiring a member of staff who is capable of filling your role is one thing. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to be great. You want chalet staff who are going to be exceptional. 

You want to hire chalet staff who are not just able to go the extra mile for your guests, but who are willing to do it and would do it without thinking. These people will deliver the outstanding holiday experience your clients expect. 


So if you’re looking to hire outstanding chalet staff for the winter season, look no further than our wide array of professional cooks, chefs, butlers and waiting staff. We ensure that the skills, experience, and personalities of our staff match both the needs and expectations of our clients.

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