Waiting Staff And Support Staff

For all your waiting staff hiring needs, look no further than Blues Agency London. In fact, if you need to hire waiting staff anywhere in the UK, or abroad, Blues Agency is the renowned waiting staff agency with over 40 years experience sourcing and placing waiting and support staff, not just in London, but nationwide too. 

Do you need temporary waiting staff for a birthday party, a wedding, private function, or a corporate event? Or are you looking to hire waiting staff permanently in your home or in your office? You’ll find exemplary support staff through Blues waiting staff agency. 

Blues Agency is the leading London supplier of waiting staff and support staff. We provide professional waiting and support staff for private events and corporate functions. Our staff are experienced individuals who will support you both at home or in the office. No matter which support staff you require, Blues will source you the right people to match your needs in any location in the UK or internationally. 

Whether you’re looking for front of house waiting staff, coffee baristas, even tea ladies, or back of house support staff such as kitchen porters and washer uppers, we have every manner of support staff to meet your exact requirements. 

Why Choose Blues For Waiting Staff And Support Staff?

For over 40 years, Blues Agency has specialised in sourcing and providing experienced, professional waiting staff and support staff for any and all occasions. Waiting staff, bar staff and baristas make a welcome addition to all events, both private and corporate, ensuring your function runs smoothly, freeing you up to host. 

When you hire professional waiting staff and support staff through Blues, you’ll get fully trained, experienced individuals who will provide you with the high-end service that you’ve come to expect from a premium staffing agency such as ours. 

We ensure that all of our waiting and support staff are properly trained to deliver you quality service, whatever your needs. You can rely on Blues to supply you with waiting and support staff to assist you at events, during corporate hospitality, when hosting fine dining, as well as private household functions. From waiting staff to the kitchen porter, Blues has you covered.

So if you’re looking to fill waiting staff jobs in London, or if you’re simply searching for waiting jobs near me, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Wait Staff Job Description

Blues Agency provides wait staff who not only wait tables but who deliver the highest levels of customer service, providing outstanding customer experience, fulfilling client satisfaction. Event waiting staff routinely work private events such as weddings and parties, or corporate events such as hospitality functions or office parties. 

As well as serving food, wait staff will typically set up and clear down after the event, placing tables and chairs in situ, putting up decorations, preparing any serving stations, clearing up any mess during the event and providing excellent customer service to all guests. 

Energetic, friendly, warm and welcoming, Blues Agency London wait staff are polite, love working as a team and interacting with people. Our wait staff have excellent communication skills, are team players, physically dexterous, consummate professionals, and are capable of multitasking. Because sometimes a spare pair of hands around the kitchen wouldn’t go amiss.

In fact, if you’re wondering who makes a kitchen go round, no, it’s not the chef. It’s the support staff, more specifically, the kitchen porters. 

So when you need to fill a kitchen porter job, look no further than Blues kitchen porter agency in London. From live-in kitchen porter jobs to temporary kitchen porter vacancies, Blues Agency London will find you the kitchen porter who will keep your kitchen running smoothly. 

Kitchen Porter Job Description

Who ensures that your kitchen is kept spic and span? A kitchen porter. 

Typically considered an entry-level catering role, the kitchen porter is indispensable in a working kitchen. 

A good kitchen porter will see to it that your kitchen is orderly, that it is kept clean and tidy at all times, no matter how busy the chefs are. If there are no pots and pans available, no cooking can get done!

A kitchen porter is essential to keeping the kitchen ticking over. 

If you aren’t sure how you would use a kitchen porter in your kitchen, their typical duties involve:

  • Collecting dirty and used pots and pans and turning them around as quickly as possible. 
  • Keeping on top of all cleaning requirements.
  • Sanitising all food preparation areas and workstations. 
  • Helping unload and sort food deliveries. 
  • Organising the stock room and ensuring a food rota is adhered to. 
  • Making sure all walls and floors are hygienically clean at all times.

For all of your kitchen porter job needs, permanent or temporary, for a private kitchen or corporate or commercial kitchen, Blues have reliable kitchen porters capable of withstanding the rigours of a busy kitchen, team players who will consistently deliver excellence.