Top Supper Clubs in London

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8 Top Supper Clubs in London

Supper clubs are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. These informal dining clubs are a great way to sample new cuisines, cooked up for you by some of London’s up and coming chefs. 

As well as a full tummy, you get to meet new people who share your culinary interests, you don’t have to pay through the nose for the pleasure, and you also don’t have any washing up to do. It’s a win-win. 

With regular nights held each and every month, the choice of cuisine and location can seem endless. So we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down a selection of the top 8 supper clubs in London. 

Choosing which ones to attend is up to you. So, what’s on offer? 

1. South East London Supper Club

The brainchild of vegan chef Sophie Gordon, these monthly supper clubs held across the South East of London feature some of the best of British seasonal veg, prepared by local producers. 

Expect platters of seasonal fruit and vegetables, unique cocktails and a strong focus on sustainability, as well as minimising food waste. 

The best part? Any leftovers will be donated to a food bank. Seriously, nothing is going to waste. 

2. Alexandra Dudley Supper Clubs

If you haven’t heard of Alexandra Dudley before, you’re in for a treat. 

An entrepreneur turned serial dinner party host, Alexandra has not only got a successful food brand under her belt, she is the monthly recipe columnist for Town & Country magazine. She’s also catered retreats around the world and in 2017 she published her debut cookbook – Land and Sea; secrets to simple, sustainable sensational food

From this exceptional young woman, expect sensational plant-based food at her supper clubs, with a focus on zero waste. 

3. Elia London

Held weekly in East Dulwich, Tom Tsappis is the chef and host of Elia. Tom is an alumnus of Leith’s Cookery School and former Aquavit chef whose latest venture sees him serve Michelin-quality Greek food, every Saturday, from the comfort of his own flat. 

You’re in for a real treat if you can secure a seat. This is as close to fine dining as you’re going to get without having to actually enter a fine dining restaurant. The menu changes regularly, but expect around 12 mezze plates of his take on Greek classics and don’t forget to BYOB. 

4. Olive & Caramel Supper Club

You’ll experience the unexpected when you attend an Olive & Caramel Supper Club. Hosts and co-founders Stephanie and Laura serve up a vibrant fusion of dishes, blending several different cooking techniques from Lebanese to Jamaican, Chinese and English. 

They present their appetising fayre in a relaxed environment, starting the evening with an aperitif followed by a sharing-style four-course menu accompanied by specially selected wines. 

5. Gooce Supper Club

Bear with us, but this one is a single’s supper club. It takes over where blind dating has been (rightly) abandoned. Supper clubs for singles are popping up across London fast, marketed as an informal way to meet a potential partner and enjoy some delicious food in the process. 

This one feels like a night at your mate’s house – if your mate served gourmet food and didn’t spend the evening kicking you under the table. You won’t get stood up and it isn’t as cringey as speed dating because there’s no matchmaking taking place, just a shared experience of a scrumptious three-course meal, washed down with a copious amount of flirting. 

Gooce Supper Club pops up all over London, from events in Gabi and Luce’s home to restaurants. They also host private events for special occasions. 

6. The Sister Table

This is a supper club run by women, GBBO 2016 quarterfinalist Benjamina Ebuehi to be exact, for women. Hosting alongside her twin sister Bonita, The Sister Table is a celebration of inclusivity and creativity. 

Benji handles the food side whilst Bonita provides the setting. The menu changes frequently, so to find out when the next one is and what you might be eating, keep an eye on their website. 

7. The Art of Dining

The Art of Dining supper club is a combination of chef Ellen Parr (a former Moro chef) and artist Alice Hodge – two friends who met at university and who used the scavenged contents of an M&S skip to fuel their first feast. 

Now in the capital and with slightly less dodgy food origins, you’ll find Middle Eastern and Spanish influences in their food and an interactive evening. 

These supper clubs have been held everywhere from National Trust houses to gardens and warehouses. This Christmas they’re ditching the gloves and hats and hosting Merry Miami. Don’t hang around long though, their supper clubs tend to sell out fast. 

8. The Waterhouse Project

Held every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, this is fine-dining without the collar and tie. A sociable, regular supper club held in East London by Gabriel Waterhouse, The Waterhouse Project is a dining experience quite like no other. 

Gabriel cut his teeth in a few of London’s Michelin-starred kitchens before embarking on The Waterhouse Project, and for £75, his 8-course tasting menu (paired with wine) is as good as a traditional fine dining restaurant, if not better. 

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