Should you consider a domestic couple as a household solution?


In a busy household it can be hard to keep on top of everything that needs doing, and hiring lots of different help can just make matters worse. 

Having a butler, a private chef, a housekeeper, personal assistant, a cleaner and laundress can feel a little overcrowded, not to mention, if they don’t have any work to be doing, they might be surplus to requirement. 

Perhaps the housekeeper could do the laundry? Or the butler might double as a personal assistant? But what about when you need the gardening tending to, or the children are taken care of. Do you think your private chef might be able to spread themself a little thinner? 

Probably not. 

Have you thought about hiring a dynamic dream team who are capable of providing all the household solutions you require? 

Might you consider hiring a domestic couple to help life run a little easier?

A domestic couple

You might think hiring a domestic couple would add to your woes, rather than easing them. But hiring a domestic couple is actually incredibly beneficial in more ways than you could imagine. 

Yes, hiring multiple people who are experts at what they do will give you excellence in certain areas, but what happens when you need them to stray out of their lanes? 

This is when the domestic couple, great all-rounders, come into their own. 

A domestic couple can include any manner of pairing from a man and wife to a same-sex couple or two friends who’ve simply worked together for years. Because that’s the beauty of a domestic couple. They know each other so well they’re the ultimate duo. They work together harmoniously supporting the household-they work for. 

The point is they know each other inside out, they know where their individual strengths and weaknesses are, and they know how to work well together. Because a household doesn’t run in specific lanes. 

Housekeeping can involve all sorts of requirements from cleaning to inventory keeping, laundry to driving, security to gardening. And rather than have 6 people falling over themselves in your house, hiring a domestic couple to do the work of multiple people means fewer specialists in your home, but a better partnership capable of covering everything. 

A domestic couple support one another and are flexible, continually adapting to your changing needs. 

6 benefits of hiring a domestic couple

  1. Team players. A domestic couple operates like a well-oiled machine. They bend and flex around one another, making sure that nothing gets left unchecked, supporting one another when needed, sharing responsibilities. They have multiple, often overlapping skills, meaning you get two professionals who can deliver so much more, plus they have experience working together.
  2. Communications. A domestic couple knows how to communicate effectively. When you’re working in a busy environment such as a household, being able to communicate is key to getting things done. And it means that as an employer you don’t need to tell everyone everything, you can tell one half of the couple and they’ll pass the message on. This not only saves you time but makes managing multiple staff much easier.
  3. Generalists. Domestic couples wear multiple hats, excelling in several areas, not just one. They have experience working across the whole household, meaning they can help with household work, management, security and gardening. Multitasking comes naturally to them. 
  4. Flexible. A domestic couple almost always requires a live-in arrangement, making them more flexible than individual specialists, as they tend to live where they work. And because they live with their family i.e. the other half of the couple, they are capable of handling last-minute changes, trips aboard, unsociable hours, because their family is with them. Plus, because they work together, they tend to be less active outside of their work because they already spend so much time together. 
  5. Loyal. A domestic couple, because of the living arrangement and nature of their work, tends to be incredibly loyal to the household they’re working for, affording you a higher rate of staff retention. Their life tends to be set up around your house and home, and even though they’ll likely have separate quarters, they make it their house and home. Meaning they’re more likely to stay and work for you on a long term basis, rather than chop and change employers frequently because that would mean upheaving their whole life regularly. And moving house, let alone jobs too, is an inconvenience-no one likes. 
  6. Cost-effective. You get a more cost-effective household solution because a domestic couple will not only take a joint salary but because part of their remuneration package will cover board and lodging, you get exceptional value for money. A highly skilled domestic couple is always going to cost less than multiple individual players. 

Blues Agency

If a domestic couple sounds like the solution you’re after, get in touch with Blues Agency today. With over 40 years of experience, we’re the leading London chef and employment agency for sourcing and supplying domestic staff.

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