Whether you run a private house, a restaurant, a hospital, or business, if you’re looking for help with light kitchen duties, then have you considered hiring kitchen assistants? 

Blues Agency provides hard-working kitchen porters and kitchen assistants to wash up, load/unload the dishwasher and help deep-clean the kitchen. Our kitchen aids can provide assistance with other duties such as unloading deliveries, heavy lifting and moving furniture.

Kitchen Assistants

While a kitchen assistant or kitchen porter role is entry-level positions, they are still very much the unsung hero of the kitchen. Your kitchen assistant will be one of the hardest working team members in your kitchen, dedicated to ensuring, as a minimum, all equipment, kitchen surfaces, appliances, floors and walls are kept spic and span. 

Kitchen assistants will help keep your kitchen in excellent working order. From cleaning the kitchen to carrying out simple food preparation duties, a kitchen assistant can be the spare pair of hands that every discerning private chef needs. 

Keeping a busy working kitchen flowing smoothly is a full-time job. A kitchen assistant will be the lynchpin you’ve been looking for. They will help all members of your kitchen team adhere to strict health and safety criteria, as well as ensuring your hygiene protocols are followed at all times. 

Depending on the size of your kitchen you might require multiple kitchen assistants to oversee various departments in the kitchen – for example, one assistant could be responsible for stock rotation, another for vegetable prep, another for meat or fish prep etc. 

While a kitchen assistant doesn’t have specific qualifications, all of the kitchen assistants that Blues source are outstanding team players, dedicated to their job, hard workers who will carry out all tasks quickly, but most of all they understand how a busy kitchen works and they are therefore flexible, not to mention great communicators. 

So, do you need help with washing up?

Blues Agency supplies kitchen assistants who can provide sandwich lunches, light meals, peeling vegetables and stock rotation, among many other duties.