How To Staff A Private Jet

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If you need to fly somewhere in a hurry, or if you simply enjoy travelling in style, using a private jet is a million miles away from commercial travel. 

The luxury, the opulence, the freedom a private jet affords you is second to none. The only issue with travelling by private jet is you need more than just a pilot to accompany you. You require staff to ensure you get from A to B, in comfort and style. And most importantly, you need a private chef to ensure you eat well too.

Staffing a private jet

When it comes to staffing a private jet, you don’t want cabin crew who will just roll up to the airport when their shift starts and turn their brain off for the remainder of your journey. No, you need private jet staff who are flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes, who will go above and beyond in their duties and who are capable of not just meeting your expectations, but exceeding them. 

From the minute you decide you need to use a private jet, until you land back at home again, the people you choose to staff your private jet are crucial to ensuring you have a smooth, luxurious journey.

Let’s start from the beginning. 

Staffing a private jet begins well before the plane has taken off. You need to source a private chef to make sure you eat well. And you need a good flight attendant who can meet all of your needs, not just serve you your meal and your drinks. 

Essentially, great cabin crew should have the same qualities as your household staff

So what staff do you need on a private jet and what qualities should you look for when hiring staff for a private jet?

Cabin crew

Cabin crew are the people who ensure that your flight is not just comfortable, but first class too. While cabin crew fulfil a number of roles in your private jet, their main duty is to make sure that your needs are met throughout the duration of the flight. The number of cabin crew your private jet requires will be down to the size of the plane as well as the number of passengers you intend to carry. 

Like your household staff, the ideal cabin crew are people who are able to work independently or as part of a small team. You want them to be able to get on well with others quickly as they may not have worked with the other members of the crew before. 

Cabin crew always need to be discreet and unobtrusive, meeting your every whim while remaining invisible – even pre-empting your requirements before you realise you have them. For the money you’ll be paying them, they should be attentive professionals who are highly capable at 36,000 feet. 

They also need to understand or have knowledge of other cultures (as you’re likely to be flying to other countries, not just your own) and be proficient in multiple languages. More importantly, they’ll need to have had experience working in a VIP environment before as well as providing first class service on a commercial aeroplane. 

They also need to have fine dining experience and silver service experience. Because if you’re paying a private chef to work aboard the private jet, their food needs to be served immaculately. 

Private chef

No private jet is complete without an in-flight private chef. With your own personal chef aboard your private jet you are assured of the high quality standard of cuisine that you will receive. The attention to detail will be second to none, accented with an elegance that you just won’t find on a commercial flight, no matter how exclusive the tier of cabin in which you travel. 

Hiring a private chef to cater to your needs when you’re travelling guarantees that your dietary requirements will always be met in a creative and incredibly personal manner. Hiring a private chef for your private jet ensures you receive an effortless, imaginative in-flight dining experience that you simply won’t get anywhere else. 

Snacks, starters, breakfast, lunch or dinner, having a private chef aboard your private jet is key to receiving an outstanding inflight dining experience. 

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