How To Hire A Private Chef From a Recruitment Agency

Private Chef

If you’re thinking about hiring a private chef to feed your family, you may be wondering how you go about doing it? What do you actually need them to do? What experience should they have? How will they fit in with your family’s schedule?

It can be a complicated path to navigate, so here are a few of our choice hints and tips to make sure the hiring process runs as smoothly as possible. 

What do you need?

This is the most important question to ask yourself – what do you and your family need from a chef? 

  • Do you want 3 square meals a day? 
  • Snacks? 
  • Is a fridge full of food? 
  • Do you have catering requirements? 
  • Dietary requirements? 
  • Do they need to come with you when you travel?
  • Would you like your chef to live in or live out? 
  • Do you require them part-time or full time? 
  • Will you need them to work on weekends? 
  • Will they be required to the chef for formal parties and dinners?

The answers to these questions will help guide you in who you’re looking for. Because when you hire a private chef, the relationship needs to work for both parties in order for it to be a success. 

The more information you can give prospective chefs about what they might expect when they come to work for you, as well as what they’ll be doing on a daily basis for you and your family, the easier it will be for you both to decide if this working relationship is right for you or not.

What will the chef’s duties be

Once you’ve established what your requirements are, you can then narrow down the chef’s duties. That way when you begin recruiting you can tell prospects exactly what they can expect to be doing for you, on an almost hourly basis. 

As well as preparing all of your meals, from intimate family meals to large dinner parties, to catering small soirees or cooking onboard your yacht, the job of a private chef can be very varied. 

From prepping shopping lists to keeping a cupboard inventory, ensuring your youngest child (and eldest) go off to school on a good breakfast, to making sure there are healthy snacks in the cupboard to see you through the day – what you require of your private chef can be as detailed as you need it to be:

  • If you like to eat different cuisines every night – that can be done. 
  • If you like fresh bread every morning – not a problem. 
  • If you are vegetarian, gluten-free, low fat, kosher – your chef will cater to your exact requirements.

What qualities and skills should they have?

Because you’ll be placing certain demands on your chef, you’ll require someone with quite specific personal qualities. You’ll need them to be: 

  • Creative. They’ll be meal planning week in, week out, and you don’t want to get the same food on repeat.
  • Timely. You don’t want to be left wondering what time supper is. And if you have young children in the house, making sure they’re fed promptly is key to avoiding hunger-induced meltdowns. 
  • Organised. They’ll be in charge of keeping your kitchen cupboards and larder stocked up, so you want someone who is capable of keeping on top of stock rotation and ensuring you don’t waste food. 
  • Personable. Just because they’re working on their own in the kitchen doesn’t mean they can be sullen and anti-social. You want someone friendly, this is your house, after all, it’s important they get on with you and your family. 
  • Flexible. The hours of a private chef are wildly varied and you need your chef to have a modicum of flexibility to accommodate your needs and any last-minute changes. Sometimes you’ll need them to work longer hours or have an early start once in a while.

Where to find a private chef

If you aren’t going through a leading chef agency such as Blues to source you a private chef, what other avenues do you have open to you?

  • Check out social media. Most private chefs will have a social media presence – Instagram is incredibly popular as it’s a great way to showcase their talent. 
  • Networking. Ask among your personal and professional networks. If you can hire a private chef on a recommendation then that’s half the battle to finding a good one. 

Use Blues Agency to hire a private chef

You can, of course, go it alone, but the easiest way to ensure that you hire the right chef for your family is to use an agency such as Blues. 

We are a leading London chef agency and have been supplying chefs and cooks into private homes for over 40 years, both in the UK and overseas. 

Our recruitment team has specific experience in sourcing and placing private chefs, meaning that you get the exact person your family needs, with the right skills and experience. Whether you’re looking for a Michelin chef or a family cook, we can find the right private chef for you.

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