How To Get The Most From A Front Of House Assistant

Front Of House

The front of house manager is responsible for supervising and coordinating the whole front of house team, including the waiting and support staff, wait staff and butlers

A front of house manager ensures that clients and customers are warmly greeted and are made to feel welcome from the moment they step foot inside your establishment or your event. They make sure that the service is carried out smoothly and efficiently. 

But the front of house manager is only as good as the people around them, and when the workload piles up, you might find that you need to hire a front of house assistant. 

So how can you get the most from a front of house assistant?

Here are our top tips. 

1. Recruit wisely

It takes a special sort of person to be an effective front of house assistant. Dealing with the general public day in and day out can get tiring quickly. You want to hire someone who: 

  • Takes pride in their appearance. A front of house assistant will routinely be the first person your guests come into contact with, so you want to ensure that they always get a great first impression. Your front of house assistant is basically the face of your business, and if they’re representing your brand, they need to be smart, neat and tidy. 
  • Has outstanding problem-solving skills. Life never goes smoothly, that is a given. So hiring someone who is capable of problem-solving on their feet, who can turn a complaint around and handle a crisis quickly and efficiently will ensure your company’s reputation remains intact. 
  • Is a people person. When you’re dealing with people all day, you have to have the stamina to ensure that the last client or customer receives the same excellent level of customer service as the first person. And hiring a front of house assistant who thrives around people is key to ensuring every customer receives exceptional customer service. 
  • Remains calm. Front of house people are usually juggling multiple tasks at any one time, so being able to multitask and remain calm while they’re doing it is a key requirement. You don’t want a front of house assistant who comes across as flustered, especially in a fast-paced environment, because it does not look good for your company. 
  • Is an excellent communicator. Front of house means interacting with people – other members of staff, customers, suppliers, you name it, the front of house assistant will have contact with them all. And being able to communicate well with everyone will make them a valuable asset to your team. 

If you aren’t sure you can dedicate the time to finding the outstanding front of house assistants who possess the requisite skills, let Blues Agency source, someone, for you. 

We have over 40 years of experience sourcing and placing exceptional staff for both domestic and professional environments. We know what we’re looking for in a stellar front of house assistant, let us help you find them.

2. Train them

If you want to ensure that your front of house assistant is fulfilling their role to the best of their ability, make sure they’re fully trained to deliver. If they don’t know what you expect of them, or they’re not trained in what they need to do, they won’t be able to provide it for you. 

Providing them with the knowledge to be able to answer any query or question or help with any customer concern will enable them to give guests the best possible experience. 

From knowing what the menu is, to what drinks are on offer, to the running order of an event, having this knowledge will be the difference between a disinterested front of house assistant and an engaged one.

Every member of staff that Blues Agency source is fully trained for their role. So no matter what you need from the people you hire, we ensure that they are capable of not just meeting your expectations, but exceeding them. 

3. Understand customer service

This is probably the most important skill a front of house assistant should have. If you want to get the most out of your front of house assistant, they need to know and understand what great customer service looks like and how it’s delivered. 

Whether they naturally excel in providing excellent customer service or not, make sure that every staff member you hire, who comes into contact with customers, is fully capable of providing the best customer service to your clients. 

The level of customer service your guests receive is what will set you apart from your competition. It will be what customers, guests and clients remember when they leave your event – they won’t remember what food you served them, or what the table decorations looked like, they’ll remember how they felt and how they were treated. 

Blues Agency staff recruiting

If you’re looking to get the most from a front of house assistant, then let Blues Agency help you find someone outstanding. We have the experience in sourcing the right people for the job, both in London, throughout the UK and internationally.

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