Hire a Private Chef Through Blues

Private chefs are an excellent choice for busy households. Blues Agency London is the leading private chef agency in the UK, sourcing live-in chefs for homes up and down the UK and internationally.

Private household chef

A private chef will work alongside the rest of your household team, providing an outstanding level of culinary service, guaranteeing nutritious meals catered to a high standard. A home chef will work closely with you and your family to cater to your specific dietary requirements. 

Whether your family needs low calorie, low fat, vegetation, vegan, macrobiotic, gluten-free, dairy-free, or even diabetic-friendly food, a Blues Agency personal chef will deliver a delicious, bespoke service, each and every time.

“We provide experienced cooks to cater for you either in the UK or abroad, for London dinners, shooting and fishing weekends, family holidays, yoga retreats and winter and summer seasons on yachts and in villas and chalets across Europe.”

private chef

Live-in or live-out private chef

Are you looking for a private live-in or live-out chef to cook for your family and friends for a short term or long-term placement?

From private live-in chefs to live-out seasonal cooks. Family cooks to Michelin chefs, let Blues Agency find the perfect private chef to cook for your family. 

We can source private dinner party chefs for one-off supper parties or provide you with short term culinary excellence during a family holiday, for example. 

Blues Agency private chefs can live with you or accompany you when you travel, ensuring that you eat nutritious, balanced meals, which are essential when you’re constantly on the go.

private chef

Permanent family cook

Are you looking for a permanent cook to cater for your family on a part-time or full-time basis? 

Blues Agency excels in recruiting and placing high-end specialised chef staff with busy families on both a part-time and full-time basis. 

Our private chefs ensure attention to detail at all times, knowing that safety is of paramount importance, with a stringent awareness of food allergies and intolerances, your permanent family cook will work closely with you to meet your family’s needs. 

private chef

Role of a private chef

From menu planning to ensure your cupboards and fridge are stocked with food, the job role of a private chef can be incredibly varied. The job requirements of a private chef can be as simple as preparing individual meals to assist the rest of your household staff with the smooth running of your home. 

Blues Agency London

Blues Agency will source professionally qualified chefs, including Michelin, starred chefs, and place them with our discerning clients. Over the last 40 years, we have honed our recruiting process, ensuring we meet your needs and find the right private chef for you. This is a bespoke matchmaking process focussing on your food tastes and preferences, as well as pairing personalities.

We’ve garnered our experience supplying top city firms and private clients including Royal Households and leading private schools with private chefs.

Private chef job

If you’re looking for a private chef job, or if you’re looking to sign up with a private chef recruitment agency, look no further than Blues Agency. 

“We provide cooks to live in or live out of your home who will take care of everything from menu planning and shopping to laying the table, serving and clearing.”

So whether you’re looking to fill a private chef job for a weekend shooting party, hire a private family cook for a week’s holiday in Cornwall, or engage the services of a private chef for a special supper party, Blues Agency London will source the perfect private chef for you.