Why Hire A Private Chef For Your Staycation?


Going away this year? Probably not. But if you’re planning on holidaying en Bretagne, then why not treat yourself to a private chef to cater your holiday while you staycation? Just because you aren’t sunning yourself in Provence this summer, getting waited on hand and foot by someone obligingly topping up your glass and ensuring […]

How To Get The Most From A Front Of House Assistant

Front Of House

The front of house manager is responsible for supervising and coordinating the whole front of house team, including the waiting and support staff, wait staff and butlers.  A front of house manager ensures that clients and customers are warmly greeted and are made to feel welcome from the moment they step foot inside your establishment […]

Should you consider a domestic couple as a household solution?


In a busy household it can be hard to keep on top of everything that needs doing, and hiring lots of different help can just make matters worse.  Having a butler, a private chef, a housekeeper, personal assistant, a cleaner and laundress can feel a little overcrowded, not to mention, if they don’t have any […]

How To Take The Stress Out Of Entertaining


Entertaining guests in your home can be incredibly enjoyable. But if you don’t do it frequently or are new to it, it can be wrought with stress. So take the pressure out of entertaining with these easily applicable tips, and enjoy your party as much as your guests.  Plan early First things first, plan in […]

How To Hire A Private Chef From a Recruitment Agency

Private Chef

If you’re thinking about hiring a private chef to feed your family, you may be wondering how you go about doing it? What do you actually need them to do? What experience should they have? How will they fit in with your family’s schedule? It can be a complicated path to navigate, so here are […]

Resuming Households After Covid-19 – What You Need To Consider


Covid lockdown will be lifted soon, but what does that mean for your private household, which may have been without staff for the last few weeks? And what can you do now to plan for your future staffing requirements? Maintaining social distancing and abiding by the government’s guidelines once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, is […]

What To Eat To Help Reduce Anxiety And Stress


When you’re stressed or anxious, the thought the kind of food you wish to eat probably the last thing on your mind. But certain foods have been shown to act as natural anxiety remedies.  There is a recognised link between the gut and the brain – what we eat affects our chemical makeup. When the […]

How to put together your household manual


Large households with multiple moving parts can be tricky to coordinate and time-consuming to keep on top of. If you run a substantial household, the easiest way to ensure that nothing slips through the gaps is to compile a comprehensive household manual.  It can take time to put together a household manual, but once done, […]

6 Benefits of hiring a personal chef from a private chef agency London

personal chef

Hiring a personal chef isn’t an indulgence, it can be a lifesaver – we all need to eat. But cooking isn’t to everyone’s taste – we aren’t all-natural Master Chefs, inherently knowing our way around the kitchen. Or maybe you are a talented cook, but you don’t have the time to do it.  The point […]