6 Benefits of hiring a personal chef

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Hiring a personal chef isn’t an indulgence, it can be a lifesaver – we all need to eat. But cooking isn’t to everyone’s taste – we aren’t all-natural Master Chefs, inherently knowing our way around the kitchen. Or maybe you are a talented cook, but you don’t have the time to do it. 

The point is, eating isn’t optional, we all need to do it, and eating convenience food for every meal isn’t just expensive, it’s not good for your health. So if you’re going to fork out money to eat, why not pay someone to cook you tasty and nutritious food? 

Regardless of what category you fall into, having a helping hand in the kitchen can be revolutionary to your lifestyle and health, not to mention a real stress reliever. So why not cross one thing off your to-do list (or one thing three times a day) and hire a personal chef? 

Why hire a personal or private chef from our London agency?

Not sure of the value of a personal or private chef? Here are 6 benefits to change your mind. 

1. Variation

How many of us stick to the same tired rotation of meals – on Monday we have… on Tuesday it’s… on Wednesday…  A personal chef will be creative with their meal planning, so you don’t have to eat the same thing week in and week out (unless of course, you want to). 

2. Helps with fussy eaters

Are your children fussy eaters? Having someone else prepare their meals for them takes the stress away from you of having to plan and create food that they might not eat. And if you’ve ever had a tantruming toddler throw your homemade meal on the floor, you’ll realise the value in a personal chef. 

3. Healthier food choices

If you’ve ever gone to the supermarket to do the weekly food shop hungry, you’ll likely have come home with bags full of treats and not much in the way of nutritious, healthy food items. A personal chef won’t do that. 

Your personal chef will plan your meals in advance, shop for them and then prepare each one from scratch with fresh ingredients. You’ll forget what processed food even was. 

But what if chicken kievs are your thing? Or you have a weakness for Mac n’ Cheese? Well, a personal or private chef will make these dishes for you, just not out of a packet. Think chicken breasts hand stuffed with homemade garlic butter and breaded with fresh bread crumbs, or pasta and freshly made cheese sauce. There’s simply no comparison. And if you and your family need snacks, a personal chef can even make these from scratch too – your house could be free from junk food for good. 

4. Restaurant quality meals

If you have a penchant for eating out every night, why not bring that experience into the comfort of your own home? A personal chef has the training and expertise to make you fine dining style food every day if that’s what you like. In fact, you can choose to have a different cuisine prepared in your own kitchen for every meal if you want – a personal chef is there to cater to your tastes. 

5. Saves you money

If you think hiring a personal chef is an expensive lifestyle choice to make, think again. How many times have you gone to the supermarket without a shopping list and bought on a whim? A personal chef will plan all of your meals in advance, write a shopping list, do one food shop and stick to the list. 

This will save you thousands of pounds by not impulse purchasing food. A personal chef will also mean you don’t have to order takeout again, nor eat out every night. And if you have a large family or you entertain frequently, just think of the cost savings. 

6. Gives you more time

When you’re short on time, hiring a personal chef means you will no longer be a slave to your kitchen. Not having to think about preparing meals, doing a food shop, cooking for your family and tidying up afterwards, you will have so much more time on your hands to do the things you actually want to do – spend time with your family, take up a new hobby, hit the gym, see friends, relax, now you have the time to do it. 


You don’t have to be a HNWI to enjoy having someone else cook your meals for you. A personal chef is for everyone, they’re not a luxury reserved just for the rich – in fact, they aren’t just great at saving you time, they can actually save you money too. 

Hire a Blues Agency Private Chef…

So if you’re looking to hire a personal or private chef, get in touch with Blues Agency London. Blues Agency recruits only the most highly qualified and experienced personal chefs, from Michelin starred chefs to family cooks. With over 40 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Blues is the leading hospitality and chef agency, supplying experienced staff within London, throughout the UK and abroad. Let us take care of your life, health and family’s well being.

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